This is the reference document for the OESIS Client Software Developement Kit (SDK) provided by OPSWAT, Inc. This SDK is for developers who want to integrate software managability with their endpoint products. This document contains:

SDK Documentation Documentation of data types, functions, and defines used in the SDK.
SDK Guides Getting started tutorials, how-to's, and sample code for working with the SDK.
SDK FAQ Frequently asked questions about the SDK, including integration, package contents, expected functionality, etc.

Introducing OESIS Client SDK

Fast. Light. Simple. The OESIS Client SDK provides a single integration point to many of OPSWAT's technologies. With custom packaging, provide your integration with exactly what you need, and only what you need. The architecture is built around the industry standard JSON data exchange format, creating a simple, extensible interface that performs complex invocations fast!

OESIS Client SDK offers unparalleled ability to detect, classify and manage 3rd party applications on endpoint devices, with local and remote integration points.

Features of OESIS Client SDK


Easily configurable to mold the SDK around your integrations needs allowing you to fine tune your usage around your exact needs.

Lightweight & customizable packages

Packages have a minimal footprint for your deployment with customization to easily deploy only what you need.

Built-in, in-process updates

Keeping your deployment up-to-date is easy with OESIS Client SDK's built-in update mechanism. No longer worry about manually updating your deployment with the latest packages.

Detailed error reporting

Detailed error reporting allowing for simple investigation on issues without the need for debugging sessions.